After a lapse of inactivity I return to tell a tale of fulfillment and accomplishment. A tale of joy and euphoria. A tale of Jonathan.

As I aptly set through my days and applied myself to a rigorous schedule of work and college, a gleaming light doth enslave my senses through a long dreary tunnel. Correctly identifying the period of time in which I was residing provided me with a vital element of information which I may interpret differently to the rest of society. As a society adhering to our current climate, we are faced with financial uncertainty, a flailing political system, and an unsustainable means of living. Thus, we take to indulging in occasions as a means of an escape. A means of celebration, and a means of fun. This is one crucial aspect that we must not lose in spite of everything else, as it conveys a sense of defeat. However, with Halloween imminent, I saw this eve differently. Typically, people worldwide will engage in activities dressed in costumes of all sorts – funny, scary, ridiculous or alluring. This year I opted to take my costume to a different level. Instead of dressing up in “fancy dress”, I decided to dress up as my true self. To show my face to the world, and admit to who I am. And this is who I am.


Fear not, as the Red Mighty Morphing Power Ranger has risen like the phoenix from the ashes. Striving to aid the world and the problems it currently faces, there is no task too little and no task too big. Simultaneously I shall combat global terrorism, also rescuing a cat for a sweet and kind old lady. And, I don’t even like cats that much. In fact, I find them to be quite unpleasant creatures. Yet I shall put aside my age old differences with this evil animal for the greater good, as I aid society in moving out of our current slump.

If history has proven anything, it is that in times of uncertainty and despair, we as a society tend to turn towards the extremes as we look for leadership and guidance through these difficult periods. This allegiance has proved to be to our detriment at times, and resulted in world wars, huge deaths, and perhaps worst of all – the 2001 movie Pearl Harbor. However, this is not a risk with the Power Rangers. As of now, I am standing alone as one solitary Mighty Morphing Power Ranger. As I begin to gain momentum and have to defy an ever threatening number of foes, I shall look for comrades. I shall find these in a variety of colours. Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, and Green/White. Together, we shall stand as one. And as we all know, the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers shall conquer all. It is with our dominance that the world will be saved time, and time again. You’re welcome.