After devoting my recent time to solving world hunger and global terrorism, I return as a new man as I enter the latter stages of Movember. I initially begun with my beard however a glorious ‘Mo’ has risen from the ashes of this beard, like a phoenix. I present the handlebar moustache – the epitome of beauty in facial hair.
This enlightening segment of hair around my mouth may look disturbing, but it signifies testosterone, blood, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, red meat, explosions and other such manly things.
In order to aid and support all things manly, donate to The Handsome Men’s Club featuring an array of handsome young men aiming to make the world a more handsome place whilst supporting men’s health…and Cian Donnelly, the man aiming to bring back the look of a vintage porn star.

No donation too big and no donation too small, appreciate any support over the next two weeks! Especially considering if I get arrested for looking like a criminal I need you all to back up this is for a legitimate cause. Keep strong and keep masculine. And keep donating.